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Launch events with a lasting effect, at launch events, new products or companies are officially presented with the aim of making them known as quickly as possible.

Launch events are among the most exciting events in the event industry, as there is a great deal of creative freedom in planning and implementation. At the same time, they are very complex and require detailed planning. There are a few things to consider, from the selection of a target group-specific format, the ideal location and the right catering to small gifts for guests. With an experienced partner like Limlite at your side, nothing can go wrong and your event will be a hit.

Whether you want to celebrate your company’s founding or a revolutionary new product on a large scale, your launch event needs a well-thought-out plan so that everything goes as memorable as you want it to be. We bring your startup or new product on the way to success so that you will be remembered by all participants and benefit from this marketing measure in the long term.