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Mall Activations

The brand and product activation has become the main weapon. A correctly built image at a shopping centre allows you to smooth out possible shortcomings of the object and emphasise its advantages as much as possible, attracting potential buyers.

The mall activation is like candy. Architectural and planning solutions, a pool of tenants, a set of entertainments form its “stuffing”, and the design of the interiors and facades of the building, the corporate style – the “packaging”. The bright “wrapper” attracts people to visit the centre. If the “filling” meets their expectations, then he has every chance to get an audience of loyal customers and bypass competitors.

The creation of the brand foundations (branding) of shopping centres should begin at the stage of developing the concept of the object. Consultants and branding specialists should work together on a shopping centre project. Only in this way will all the components be harmoniously connected into a single whole.